Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Mania

Hopefully everyone was civil today and no blood was shed over material items in the stores today! We all know what happened last year at Wal-Mart...on a more positive note the stores are starting to get decked out will holly jolly Christmas decorations that make me feel all warm inside. Here is a collage containing some of the clothing pieces that yearn to enlist in my personal closet...


The Havana Sweatercoat on the top left can be found at Anthropologie and it is super warm and comfy. The village scene imprinted on it is so lovely. [$198]
The emerald snow green dress in the center is also from Anthropologie and is reminiscent of Grace Kelly's everlasting style...its so feminine [$288].
The black boots are from Guess by Marciano and are replica's of Balmain's divine Buckle-embellished suede boots that are a costly $1605...more expensive than my plane ticket to Australia! Luckily for poor souls like me who do not have money growing on trees they can be found for a more reasonable price and are an attractive grey color as well [$288].